Monday, January 10, 2011

What's "In" for 2011: Relationships

It seems that a popular substitute for making New Year's Resolutions is to choose a word or theme for the year. I decided that my word for 2011 is 'relationships.' What does one do with a word-for-the-year? I suppose it starts with simply being aware of what that word implies and how it affects your life, and then being open to appropriate changes.

One obvious subset of relationships is family, and I do want to make family a priority this year. Given the number of extended family members that Jim and I have between us, that could be a full-time undertaking.

Here's the current census:
Siblings & their spouses: 8
Nieces & nephews & their spouses: 24
Grand-nieces & grand-nephews: 8 (with #9 arriving soon)
In keeping with this challenge, Jim & I drove over to Chicago on January 1, to finally meet the young lady who currently (but not for long) holds the title of 'youngest relative'. We enjoyed lunch with Dave & Joyce &
David P & Cassie, talked a good bit, did a bit of singing, and fell in love with Miss N. Jim was particularly captivated by her - although we have no photographic evidence to prove this.

Here are the photos we do have:

The inimitable Miss N herself
Proud Papa David P.

I knew I didn't have any pictures of Jim, but I thought we had one of Cassie. I'll have to speak with the photographer...!

Robin & Miss N

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  1. Great word to focus on this year. She is a sweetie.