Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thousands of Words

This post will have mostly pictures - each of which, of course, will be worth a thousand words (maybe a hundred words?).

This is what happens when a beagle smells a rabbit. Bonnie was tail-wagging happy, and determined to find that rabbit. Of course, as soon as she dove under the car, said rabbit flew out the other side, and into a neighboring yard. It took me a good while to persuade Bonnie to give up her quest.

After my long day driving between Kalamazoo and Chicago and Schaumburg, a relaxing Saturday was just what I needed. When I stepped outside in the morning, these poppies greeted me, and I couldn't help but smile. I imagine them waving and saying "Hey there! How's it going?" Next year I must plant more...

This is from one of our neighborhood walks.

And Bonnie & I took this photo today, while walking at lunchtime. I was struck by all the shades of color on these leaves. It is true that the rest of the tree was a more typical dark green, so perhaps these leaves are, in fact, not healthy - or perhaps they are harbingers of fall. In any case, they were pretty.

I took these last three photos  in the Friendship Village woods - just little bits of color and interest, during our walk.


  1. I have some bushes in my front garden that are looking like your multi-colored leaves.... I think their season is near an end. :-(

  2. What nice photos, you certainly don't need me on your walks.