Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Stuff

As usual, I enjoyed Heather's Five Things for Friday post. I am trying to write a similar weekly post, but it didn't work out this week - it was just too hectic to squeeze a post in. Maybe next week - but maybe not; maybe my Five Things will be more sporadic posts. We'll see!

Anyway, here are Five Things for Saturday instead. :)

- 1 -

 I wandered into the living room this morning, and discovered this "pair" of Jim's shoes.  Interesting fashion statement...!

Bonnie has started to need a middle-of-the-night potty break. Homer used to do this, and it got so I would wake the instant he stirred, and pick him up and carry him to the door - he was old, and just wouldn't make it in time otherwise.

This time around, Jim is the one who wakes up and lets Bonnie out (and happily, she doesn't yet have Homer's urgency). I sleep right through it all. Jim fishes around in the dark for his slippers, and this is what he came up with last night. It made me smile this morning. And it reminded me how grateful I am that he loves our beagle girl as much as I do. 

- 2 -

Interesting program at church today. Our Relief Society president and High Priest group leader organized a workshop for members 55 and older, Provident Living for Seniors. I admit that I was skeptical at first, but this first meeting seemed to have the goal of pointing out all the things we ought to be thinking about - and they succeeded with me! I'm looking forward to next month's get together (March 17, if you're in the area).

- 3 -

My mitten knit-along has been a bit of a challenge. I mentioned in my last blog post that I'd had some gauge issues. I finally got gauge (more or less) using a size 4 (!) needle.

Then I started to knit the first clue. The cuff starts with a Latvian braid, and it was So Cool. It was also So Huge. Gigantic!

So, I ripped out and went down a needle size. Then I frogged again and went down another needle size. I am now using size 0 (!) - which is what I would have guessed I needed, if I hadn't bothered to swatch. I think this will work out. I'm hoping for some knitting time later this evening, and maybe I can finish up this clue, and begin the second (which came out Thursday). I'll post pictures when the cuff is finished.

- 4 -

I particularly enjoyed this blog post: A Latter-day Voice: "I'm Doing the Best I Can!" The world is so judgmental; this approach - "let's assume people are doing the best they can" - is a welcome breath of fresh air.

This quote from President Hunter (from April conference, 1992), seems appropriate:
We need a more peaceful world, growing out of more peaceful families and neighborhoods and communities. To secure and cultivate such peace, ‘we must love others, even our enemies as well as our friends.’ ... We need to extend the hand of friendship. We need to be kinder, more gentle, more forgiving, and slower to anger. We need to love one another with the pure love of Christ. May this be our course and our desire.
- 5 -

Another blog post that I want to share: Diving for Pearls: Joy, or "Just Wait?". I love Katie's list of joyful moments that new parents can look forward to, instead of dreading.

When I read this post the first time, I thought of a little guy I know - almost two - and how much fun it is to just watch him in action. He delights in everything, and it makes me smile. Recently, I was using his mom's swift and ball winder to wind some yarn (don't know what those are? look here). He was amazed - he stood there, watching the swift, then the ball winder - back and forth, each time pointing with wonder, "Look!"

There is joy everywhere you look.

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