Friday, March 29, 2013

Baby Blanket of Many Colors

The other day, I finished another Lilly blanket.

Entrelac Knitting - so magical

Jess' friend Jeanna, collects "Angel Blankets" in memory of her (Jeanna's) little boy who was born, and stayed on this earth just long enough to meet his parents. She gives them to our local hospital, so that mothers in similar circumstances will have a memory of their child to take home with them.

My grand-niece Lilly made a similarly brief appearance, on April 9, 2009, and this blanket is in her memory. In this Easter season, I'm reminded that we will see her again, one day, thanks to the blessing of Christ's resurrection. Hallelujah!

I am happy with this blanket. The cotton knit up nicely; I learned to knit in reverse (which is not as hard as you would imagine, and yet makes the entrelac knit up much more easily); and the crochet edging (my first) gives it a nice finish.

Tonight I will swatch for a child's sweater, for afghans for Afghans, using this yarn:

Supposedly this color is teal heather;
I think this photo is misleading

I'm looking forward to working with this yarn (Cascade is a nice, workhorse sort of yarn), and the pattern has a simple cable, which I'll enjoy. It will, on the other hand, require seaming, which just goes to prove, we can't have everything. And I'm not entirely sure where the yarn is - somewhere in my office, I think ... I'm curious to find it, and see what color it really is!

Meanwhile, I can always share another beagle photo:

Bonnie, saving her energy,
so she can bark while I swatch

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  1. The entrelac Lilly blanket is very impressive, and will be a welcome comfort to too-soon bereaved parents. I can't help but think of little Lillian. What a hard thing for young people to have to suffer.