Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wrapping up a Few FOs

Now that I've bored you with our weather, I can bore you with my knitting. I've been moderately obsessed with knitting of late, and so have actually finished some projects.

I finished this headband right after Christmas. It's a bit wide - I would take out some of the center panel seed stitch if I knit it again - but it looks nice, and should be warm and cozy.

My Hitchhiker turned out great. I'd bought the yarn back in 2012, on our trip to Door County. I thought it would become socks, but obviously that was not to be. It knit up into a beautiful scarf:

That's not much of a picture, really - I struggled to get a decent photo of this scarf. Here's my niece modeling it - much nicer, don't you think?


This scarf is for Ministry with Community. I finished the matching hat in January 2013 - not sure why it took so long to get the scarf knitted up. Jim dropped them both off for me, so hopefully they've been keeping someone warm.

You may have noticed my sky scarf in the previous post. I finally finished it! It ended up having lots of blue skies, and lots of snow skies. :)

I knit this hat for Halos of Hope, as part of the Podcaster Throwdown - a competition between different podcasts, to see who could collect the most hats. The goal was 2000 hats by Stitches West (which begins this Thursday); they've passed that goal.

I'll give this hat to the Seita Scholars. It is a pattern that I promised to knit for my sister, and I decided it needed a test knit first. Once I realized I had completely overlooked a line of instructions, it was a straightforward knit. :)

I am left with two projects on the needles. One is a baby blanket, which I'm knitting in some wonderful Three Irish Girls yarn.

The other project is a pair of socks, which, frankly, is languishing. I've been working on a swatch, and haven't gotten any further than that. I'll pick it up again. Soon. Honest.

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