Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Snow...

Kalamazoo schools were closed again today (I think that brings their total to ten), owing to the seven inches of snow that fell overnight. It was heavy and wet, and roads were a mess.

I had an appointment this morning, and this was my view coming home, around 9 am:

North on Canterbury

I spent a few minutes shoveling a path for Bonnie, and clearing the breezeway. These shots show (to some extent) how deep the snow was, and how much it stuck to everything.

I came in the house, and watched as the kitchen light dimmed and brightened several times, and then our power went out completely. Given the weight of that snow on power lines, I wasn't surprised. Happily, it was only out for about three hours.

And in the afternoon, the clouds departed, leaving us with blue skies!

Looking north (toward Lowry's)

Looking west (toward Boer's)

Looking northeast (toward the park)

It's hard to imagine that spring is just one week away. The snow depth is back up to nineteen inches, so I don't think Bonnie and I will venture into the park any time soon. Meanwhile, the ten day forecast is predicting warmer temps and no snow, so maybe we'll get there yet.


  1. I have spent about an hour reading through some of your blogs! It has been quite enjoyable looking back on the past year and getting to see some familiar faces! I had no idea you did this. Thank you for sharing your memories!! -Meg

    1. Glad you enjoyed reading them, and thanks for your comment. :)