Sunday, April 6, 2014

Signs of Spring

We woke yesterday to this:

A dusting of new snow (much of which had melted by the time I took this photo), but it was offset with sunshine and blue sky, and eventually by warmer temps.

Bonnie and I had a pleasant walk, through the park and into the Friendship Village woods and fields. I was delighted to see flowers pushing up through the leaves:

Inexplicably, one field still had snow, which seemed to energize Bonnie:

The old girl can still look lively - at least for short bursts. When we got home (after I ignored her pleas for a longer walk), Bonnie collapsed for a nap, in her crate. She later joined us to watch another conference session:

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  1. Our girl is the sweetest! I love the space beagle picture with the ears forming an "antenna" over her head, and the resting picture is even nicer.....