Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kali! Rain! Driving on Sidewalks!

Our niece Kali had an interview in Chicago, and offered to come early, so that we could drive over for a visit. So back on the 23rd (that would be August; still trying to catch up here), Jim & I hopped in the car and drove over to Dave & Joyce's home in Chicago. (We did make a brief stop at the Albanese candy factory. But you can't prove it - because we ate all the evidence - with help, of course).

After some discussion, we decided that we could fit all of us in Jim's car, and so Dave drove to Midway, where Kali's plane arrived a smidge early (that really happens?). 

We had pizza at Giordano's, but they messed up our order, and offered to charge us only half the price of the problem pizza (Jim would just have to pick out the peppers). But when the bill came, they had reduced the $20.75 charge to $12.00. Apparently math is not their strong suit...!

As we left the restaurant, it started to rain, and then to pour. I was glad we had squished into one car, so that I didn't have to drive in that storm.

Here the water was standing very deep, so Dave followed the drivers ahead of him, who avoided the water by driving far to the right, on the sidewalk:

Dave thought this was not a good spot to get back on the road:

So he kept driving on the sidewalk a bit further. Jim was nonplussed. A man watching us was surprised. Kali and I were delighted. Joyce, I think, was horrified.

Safely back at their place, out of the storm, we chatted and played games (Farkle - Jim won; SkipBo - Jim won)
Dave and Joyce



Dave and Robin

On the way home, Jim & I stopped in Chesterton, to switch drivers and get a snack. Jim noted that this is where we had our first meal as a married couple, way back when. So we took a picture:

Fun times!


  1. Great stories and pics Robin! The mention of Giordano's made my mouth water.

    1. They *do* make good pizza! (usually) (their math notwithstanding).

      Jim gets credit for the storm photos (being in the front seat and all).