Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Come to Redeem Us, Come to Deliver - Here is Hope!"

I've gone too long without blogging. So much has gone un-noted: announcements and celebrations of weddings and new babies; fall and winter and the advent of spring; Thanksgiving and Christmas and the New Year and Easter; a dog's growing older; our growing older.

Maybe I'll go back and capture some of that, but for now, let me focus on a recent event: this year's performance of Lamb of God.

Jim and I sang in the chorus again this year. Weekly rehearsals started on February 8, culminating in three performances at Chenery Auditorium. There were evening performances on March 20 and 21, as well as a matinee performance on the 21st.

Our friend Meghan made a couple of brief recordings, from the back of the balcony, using her phone. (This is a hint as to the quality; be forewarned.) Here is one of her recordings, of the finale:

I once shared with a friend that I must be broken in some way, because I so seldom "feel the spirit," as others do. She reminded me that we all learn differently, we all receive witnesses differently, and that one person's witness is no better or lesser than another's.

I've tried to remember her counsel, and have learned to trust my own insights and understanding.

But I've rejoiced to feel the witness of the spirit, again and again, during rehearsals and performances of Lamb of God. From the very first rehearsal, in February 2014, to this year's final performance, I felt, again and again, "This is true," "He is speaking to me," "this hope is for ALL of us." I hope that the audience felt as least a portion of that spirit!

Jen has already booked Chenery Auditorium for next year's performances, March 11 and 12. I hope many more people will be able to attend, and enjoy this Easter message, this story of the Hope that we have in Christ.

The ticket price - just $12 - was kept low, so that more people could attend and enjoy the performance. But, as Jen wrote, "Ticket revenues will cover less than half the cost of production. If we want to continue to present this in the same beautiful setting with the same level of excellence, and make it accessible to all those who wish to attend, we will need to raise funds from our community."

If you want to help in this effort, go to our Fundly site: https://fundly.com/lamb-of-god-kalamazoo (as of this moment, there are 23 days left to contribute - go do it!).

Why should you contribute? Here's my very selfish reason: so that I can sing it again, and feel that powerful witness again. (And you can, too!)


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  1. Thank you for posting Robin! How I wish I could have seen it again.