Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Baking III and A Bit of Knitting

These are your basic chocolate chip cookies, using the recipe you can find on any bag of chocolate chips. For some reason, I cannot successfully bake these - they just aren't very tasty. But Jim knows the secret, and this batch is yet another in a long line of his successful ventures. He mixes them by hand, just like his mom did. I think this is his secret ingredient: the love a boy has for his mother. Add that to any recipe, and it will be perfect.

This is your basic fudge, using the recipe you can find on any jar of marshmallow creme. It is not very sophisticated, and nothing like what you'll find up on Mackinac Island, but it is what my mom always made - and you know how we feel about our moms!

Don't try this at home: When I was in college, my roommate was making this fudge. When it was all mixed together, she picked up the saucepan to start pouring the fudge into the dish, where it would cool. At that moment, she wondered if she had forgotten to butter the dish. So, with her free hand, she picked up the dish to look more closely - while, with her other hand, she continued pouring the hot fudge onto the table!

I haven't found a lot of knitting time lately, but I've managed to make some progress on Echo since I last posted a photo. And tonight (after taking this photo), I finished her body. Next step: legs!

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