Saturday, December 4, 2010

Random Photos

Jim & I just got back from a trip to Chicago - we visited the Art Institute, and the One of a Kind artists show, and we ate some good food, and we did some serious shopping, and we were able to attend the temple as well.

I'll eventually share some photos from all that, but for now, here are just two photos.

This one we apparently took on Thanksgiving, but we didn't look at it until we were in Chicago - and then we were astonished - because look at how CUTE Bonnie is!

The adoring & adorable Bonnie
We adopted Bonnie nearly four years ago (in February, 2007), but we have very few photos. Why is this? Simply because, whenever we take out the camera, our dear little girl lowers her head, tucks her tail, and, if possible, leaves the room.

What would make a dog so camera shy?!? We cannot imagine, but we periodically try to photograph our girl, and on this occasion, the stars aligned in our favor, and this is the result!

Chicago Temple
Thursday and Friday, the weather in Chicago was cold but sunny, and we enjoyed walking around downtown. Today, when we drove up to the temple, it was quite a different situation, as this picture shows. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...!

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