Saturday, June 18, 2011

WIPs and Other Pretty Things

I currently have four 'works in progress' (WIPs), and have some relatively current photos to share.

This prayer shawl is perfect to knit during meetings. The pattern is a simple two-row repeat, keeping my hands busy while my brain focuses on the discussion. Unfortunately, I discovered a strange hole yesterday; it seems that a couple stitches have gone awry. I tried sorting it out, but can't figure out what happened, so this project is in time-out, until I can rip back a couple rows and get it back on track.

This scarf is for the Seita Scholars. It's my travel project, since it fits in a small bag, and the short rows lend themselves to short spurts of knitting.

Of course I've started another elephant. This is one of my 'evening' projects, good for TV knitting. (He'll look much more like an elephant, once his body shows up!)

And finally, here is another scarf, also good TV knitting. This yarn is yummy - a merino / silk blend - and is very nice to work with. The yarn is a heavier gauge than the pattern calls for, but I'm confident that, once blocked, it will show off the pattern properly.

This yarn is in my stash, and will eventually become a sweater (though I have no idea when...) I love its blend of green and yellow; it reminds me of this plant, which Bonnie and I see often on our walks:

Here are just a couple more pretty flower shots from our recent walks; enjoy!

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