Saturday, October 8, 2011

Watching General Conference with the Owls

It's hard to believe that General Conference was just last week; it seems like it's been ages. Before it really becomes ages, I want to share just a few of my thoughts.

Heather, on the blog Women in the Scriptures, recapped her conference experience by responding to a series of questions. I'll do the same, abridging her list a bit.

1. Who were your three favorite speakers? Richard G. Scott; Barbara Thompson; José Alonson; President Eyring; Dallin Oaks; President Monson. You don't need to point out that this list contains more than three favorites. (And thanks to my sister for helping me give José an accent.)

2. Which talk spoke to you the most? I think Elder Scott’s talk, The Power of Scripture, simply because I’ve recently been trying to improve my scripture study. 

3. What was your favorite Hymn and why did it move you? Consider the Lilies – it is a beautiful piece of music, with a comforting message of love.

4. Which speaker was the best dressed?
  This question made me laugh! I have no idea, although Jim did remark favorably on President Uchtdorf’s tie.

5. Were there any topics that you felt like were repeated often?  Any conference "themes"? It is interesting to me that each person hears their own theme. For me, it was "Study the Book of Mormon."

6. Share a few of your favorite quotes from any of the talks (paraphrasing is fine).

President Monson read Isaiah 32:17, "The work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever." Personally, I would like some peace and quietness and assurance...

I also liked Elder Oaks’ question, “I ask . . . what you really believe about Jesus Christ and what you are doing because of that belief.”

7. What are some of your post-conference goals? I think the most important goal is simply to read and study the talks for the next six months.

And what about those owls?

During conference, I worked on the blanket I'm knitting for a grand-nephew who's due in December. It uses this motif, with 8 squares across, and 9 rows. (I finished 2 rows last weekend.)

This is not a good picture at all, but at least it shows the color:

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  1. Knitting owls while sitting with an owl....