Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Question, and Some Photos

I used to tease my niece Sarah. She took photo after photo, but left them languishing on her camera. Really, her camera was like the photo books that grandparents used to carry - she'd pull it out of her purse to show you her snapshots.

Now she's a mom, and a blogger, and those pictures of her little guy go straight from the camera to her blog and to all the doting relatives. Nothing like an adorable toddler to provide motivation!

I have no adorable toddler; I have to rely on a fairly cute beagle for motivation. Today I realized I had several weeks of photos on my camera (shades of Sarah), so I'll share just a few.

But first - a question. I've recently attended a bridal shower, and a wedding reception, where we were asked to write down advice for the new couple.

What advice would you give? (I'm still thinking....)

Now, some pictures....

Bonnie, the sleeping, smiling beagle

Last year's poppies magically appeared in
one of our flower pots

This tree has several trunks branching out
from this base, where flowers
have taken root

A clearing in the Friendship Village Woods


  1. I still love seeing the Friendship Village woods. Makes me think of walks with Dad. :-)

    Advice: Love one another completely so that you can say the marriage will withstand anything.

  2. Beautiful pictures ~ may all Bonnie's dreams be sweet :)

    Marriage Advice: Approach it with the thought of giving 75% and expecting 25%. I don't mean this cynically. It's just if you expect 50 - 50 it's the wrong thinking.

  3. lovely photos...sweet

    advise? I've got 33 years and still going so I think I may have a suggestion for success - take care of the other persons hopes/dreams/needs and ask they do the same for's not about "yourself" in a marriage, if you want it to be "me" than stay single...if it's your best friend you won't mind taking care of them with all your heart

  4. Thanks for the comments - I agree, it is key to put the other person first, to give more than you expect in return.