Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Things for Friday: Knitting Update

I've been trying to alternate my knitting time between my five projects, and I've concluded: five projects is too many! It's good to have a variety of projects - some require minimal concentration, some travel easily - but as I move from project to project, there is not a lot of visible progress. As I finish these, I need to avoid the temptation to immediately start a new project, and instead stay with a more manageable number!

Meanwhile, here is the status of the WIPs.

- 1 -

This scarf (based on Jared Flood's Noro Striped Scarf) is about a third complete. The red Kauni is finally start to show shifts in color, and I'm finally getting adept at handling the color changes.

- 2 -

This second scarf (based on Jackie Lauseng's Hurdle Stitch Scarf) is about 2/3 complete. This is the project that I carry when Jim & I are out and about - it's easy to knit a couple rows here and there, and it is slowly moving towards completion. I'll donate this scarf to the Red Scarf Project.

- 3 -

Jim gave me this yarn - Plymouth Jelli Beenz - for Christmas. It wanted to belong to a baby, so I'm using it for Ingrid Aartun Bøe's Pine Forest Baby Blanket. The yarn color is pretty busy, but I think the pattern still shows up nicely on the blanket.

- 4 -

Look! I finally finished the first mitten (Laura Linneman's pattern, Mittens for Me!). I'm going to knit the second mitten in opposite colors - brown for the strands on the cuff; green for the body; brown for the thumb. With any luck, I'll finish the second mitten before winter...

- 5 -

My Free and Easy Pie Wedge Shawl (designed by Lorna Miser) is coming along nicely: I've almost finished three of the six wedges, the fabric is soft and has a lovely drape, the colors are rich. I'm eager to finish this one, but alas - it will be awhile...

Bonnie's take on all this:

 All this photography is exhausting!
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  1. Wonderful! As soon as I finish some home decor projects, I think I'd better try to learn to knit (again).