Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Milestone Trip to the Temple

Gary, Tanya, Rachelle, Caitlin, Paul, Robin, Dave

Yesterday, I was able to attend a session at the Detroit Temple. Dave drove to Kalamazoo from Chicago, and together we drove to Paul's home in Plymouth, and then headed to the temple.

The driving force behind all this (aside from normal desires to attend the temple) was Caitlin's decision to serve a mission. She's been attending BYU, studying theater, and decided to set that work aside for the time being. She submitted her request, and subsequently received her assignment to the New York New York North Mission, Mandarin speaking. (My brother Paul - Caitlin's father - blogged about her decision and her call here and here.)

Our temples today are places for prayer and worship and contemplation. We also make sacred covenants and commitments there, and that act (part of what we call the endowment) is a milestone in our spiritual journey. Yesterday was Caitlin's opportunity, before beginning her mission, to enter the temple and make those covenants. I was delighted to be able to share that with her and her family.

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  1. How wonderful to have the support of her family there!