Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Squirrels and Husbands

I started this post ages ago, and then never finished it. (I think I was distracted by this election thing that was going on.)

On one of our fall walks, Bonnie and I encountered this squirrel, happily eating a walnut:

The we discovered his 'hiding' spot, in this old tree:

Walnuts at the top

Walnuts at the base
Clearly Mr. Squirrel has been industrious, but I'm afraid those are not particularly secure hiding spots!

Another squirrel - a competitor? Or is he, in fact, the same critter??? In any case, he made me laugh, clinging to that spot until the last minute. They like to play chicken with Bonnie, and often peer around tree trunks, before scampering up into the branches.

I know I promised to avoid further fall photos - but you'll forgive me these two:

And who is this good-looking dude? Kasey Hunt took some pictures for us (a bartered transaction), and this is one of my favorites:


  1. More fall photos would be fine, and fewer of that guy.

  2. I love the picture of "that guy!" What a nice blue!

    GORGEOUS fall pictures. I am beyond jealous. Not a lot of colors here but a LOT of raking! Where's the fun in that :(

    And thank YOU for not forcing me to prove I'm not a robot!

  3. Jim the husband, that is a nice photo. But I'd like to see some of the beautiful wife, too.