Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Our nephew Chris recently assisted in the creation of the exhibit Bags Across the Globe (BAG). The installation was exhibited at SOFA Chicago, so Jim and I were able to see both Chris and BAG, along with other awesomeness.

The plastic bag at the top is made of 350 typical bags - the average number used by a person during one year.

The reusable bags were made by students from discarded fabric swatches. Each cloth bag is estimated to replace 1000 plastic bags.

Jim, Robin, and Chris

Jim and I spent most of the day looking at the displays, along with Jon. We took breaks to visit with Chris, and had lunch at the Billy Goat Tavern. We watched part of the Corning Museum of Glass Hot Glass Roadshow. But mostly we looked at the artwork. At the end of the day, we gave Chris a lift to Dave and Joyce's house, and enjoyed pizza with them, and with Jon & Laura and Paul & Rachelle (and two delightful little boys).

SOFA stands for "Sculpture Objects Functional Art." We didn't see much Function in most of the pieces we admired, but we did see lots of beautiful and lovely and interesting pieces. Here are some of my favorites.

I love the colors in this piece by Lesley Nolan, and the sense of happiness and camaraderie:

Lesley Nolan - Memories of the Dance
Fused glass panel

Marc Petrovic displayed a number of wonderful sculpted glass birds. He had a video running in his booth, showing how he made the birds - amazing work.

Marc Petrovic
Sculpted glass bird

Claire Brewster cut these birds were cut out of old maps:

Claire Brewster
Hand cut map

Courtney Timmermans had several pieces made with air rifle BBs, which I found fascinating. The texture appealed to me; I wanted to reach out and pet the bear (I restrained myself).

Courtney Timmermans - Urban Herd: Bear
Air rifle BBs, cast resin, mixed media

I noted that this sculpture is by Marta Klonowska, but I neglected to record a title. Apparently Klonowska is known for canine figures; I'm guessing this fellow is a fox!

Marta Klonowska
Sculpture - Glass on metal framework

These two pieces I liked for their texture and color. The first piece is by Michael Behrens.

Michael Behrens - Seaforms 2012
Kiln cast glass

And the second is by Toots Zynsky; the texture on this was marvelous (and wouldn't this be a delicious colorway for yarn?).

Toots Zynsky
Fused and thermo formed color glass threads

This piece by Toland Sand caught the light so beautifully:

Toland Sand
Dichroic glass sculpture

Kirra Galleries sponsored several artists that impressed us. We also were able to chat with the artists, who were delightful (love those Australian accents). Harriet Schwarzrock created these glass pieces:

Harriet Schwartrock
Glass and stainless steel

Rob Wynne showed us how he makes the designs on his glass bowls. Basically, there is a layer of glass and then a layer of iridescent metal. He covers parts of that metal with vinyl (the parts he wants to remain iridescent), and sandblasts the rest away. What remains is the colored glass and the iridescent design. (Of course, it's much more involved than this explanation - and quite amazing.) (Wynne also happened to be the demonstrating artist when we stopped to watch the Corning Roadshow.)

Rob Wynne
Glass and surface decoration

And look at these pieces by Richard Ritter. I wanted to touch these, too (I refrained).

Richard Ritter - Les Pommes Verre
Blown, etched glass and murrini

I have no idea who created this owl - we couldn't find a name anywhere - and frankly, we thought the face was a bit weird. Still, it is an owl, so I snapped a quick photo (actually, I think Jim took the photo; it was mounted too high for me!):

Last but not least - I think this is my second favorite piece - a sculpture by Giuseppe Palumbo. I love the whimsy in these sheep!

Giuseppe Palumbo - All Together Now
It was a great day!


  1. Beautiful and wonderful. I like your taste.

    1. Thanks! The amazing thing is that we only saw half or two thirds of the show - there was so much to look at. I was looking at the SOFA website last night, and they had a gallery of selected works. I looked at it, and was astonished at how many pieces there were that we hadn't seen.

  2. You got some terrific photos! Thanks for sharing them. I also loved Nolan's piece, and the birds cut from maps. (And BAG, of course!!)

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures!! Really enjoyed all the interesting pieces!!

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