Saturday, January 26, 2013

Would You Like a Hand-Knit Scarf?

Updated 3/4/13: the websites for donating to GOTR are no longer available. But you can still donate by cash or check (made out to Greater Kalamazoo Girls on the Run) - contact me at RobinVanderRoest @ gmail dot com to coordinate payment. Thanks!

Today, I attended a beading workshop, sponsored by the Kalamazoo Knitting Guild, and taught by Jill June, of Studio June Yarns. (Jill is a local dyer, based here in Kalamazoo!) The workshop fee included yarn, beads, a crochet hook, and a pattern. The yarn is really yummy - 100% superwash merino - and my skein is a lovely caramel color, in subtle tonal shades.

We started with this

The pattern is the Kal-Haven Trail Scarf. From the pattern description:
The pattern is named for a 33 mile hiking/biking trail in Southwest Michigan, built on an old railroad bed. The trail runs from Kalamazoo to South Haven and is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts.
The scarf suggests the old railroad, and its ties, and features a lace edge and decorative beads. You can go to this link to see pictures of the completed scarf.

Here is what I accomplished today on my not-yet-completed scarf:

When I finish knitting this scarf, I will give it away, randomly choosing the recipient from a list of folks who contribute to Girls on the Run. For each $5 you contribute, you'll have one chance of winning the scarf.

Why Girls on the Run?

My friend Jess and her daughter are raising funds for the Girls on the Run organization here in Kalamazoo. Here's what Jess has to say:
Girls on the Run is an amazing organization that works with girls in third through fifth grade. It is a program that teaches healthy living, goal setting, and most importantly it teaches girls to be happy with who they are. [My daughter] had the opportunity to participate in Girls on the Run when she was in third, fourth, and fifth grade, and participated in Girls on Track (for middle schoolers) last year in sixth grade. This year she decided that instead of participating in the program, she would run her first half-marathon to raise money for this organization that she loves so much. In Kalamazoo, the goal is to allow every girl to have the opportunity to participate regardless of their ability to pay; most of the participants in Kalamazoo receive a scholarship for part or all of the program. We are committed to raise $600 total ($300 each) and this is enough money to sponsor four girls through the program.
They completed their goal of running the half-marathon together, but are still working to reach their fund-raising goal.

After running the Grand Rapids half-marathon
Please consider making a donation (and maybe winning the Kal-Haven Trail Scarf). If you want to send a check, send me a message at RobinVanderRoest @ gmail dot com, and we'll sort out the details. Sorry - the online sites are no longer available. But you can still donate via check!  To donate online, you can use these links:

Jessica's donation page

Jessica's daughter's donation page

Thanks for supporting this worthwhile cause. I haven't decided when I'll give the scarf away - but you can donate today!


  1. It says that their event is disabled :(

    1. Hi there!

      Yes, I know - I had to update this blog post with a disclaimer (see the top of the post). It was much more convenient, being able to donate via the website. But you can still donate by check (made out to Greater Kalamazoo Girls on the Run) or cash (which, I promise, will make its way to the same group!).

      Thanks for reading!!!