Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sky Scarf and Flower Update

My Sky Scarf has grown to four months now:

I had hoped to also share a picture of my finished afghans for Afghans sweater. Alas, it appears that it will take just shy of forever to sew the seams. I'm using the mattress stitch, and it looks very nice, but I am so slow at this. I've finished the four raglan seams, and am working on one of the side seams - but I barely made a dent before I had to take a break, to stave off a headache. Slowly but surely, I will make it through this seaming. Then all I'll need to do is knit the neck edge, and it will be Finished!

On another note, we finally have some flowers, which I bought from Metro Bedding Plants, on Drake Rd (very near our home, which I appreciate). I cleaned up the pots in the corner by our breezeway, and planted some annuals. It turned out to be considerably more work than I had anticipated. One of the pots had seriously deep standing water, so I had to remove all the dirt mud, drain the water, drill new drainage holes, add vermiculite and peat to the dirt, and put it all back together again. (I should have borrowed a small boy, to help me appreciate that mud.) During the several days it took to do all that, some of the flowers died, and I had to replace them. But finally, here they are:

Dwarf Snapdragon

Salvia Lady in Red

Portulaca Sundial Mix

Geraniums (we have two hanging pots)
With any luck (and at least some attention), they'll continue to thrive through the summer.

Oh! I forgot - I also planted some variety of black-eyed susan, around the mailbox. I'll have to get pictures of those at some point. Right now, they are healthy and happy.


  1. Robin, the scarf is beautiful--I love how it is turning out.

    1. Thanks, Lori! I still am enjoying knitting it. :)