Monday, July 15, 2013

Sky Scarf and Other Knitting

I've finished month 5 of my sky scarf:

That's June & July over on the right end - those dark grey rows are for two days of rain and thunderstorms (poor Bonnie!), and then there were some days of just plain rain (Bonnie does better with those). I'll be knitting up some straight blue for our recent skies.

Here is the latest for my Bermuda shawl:

I'm 3/4 of the way done. Now my challenge is to pay attention to how much yarn I'm using for each section. I don't have to do all the sections, which means I can pretty much knit until my yarn runs out - as long as I leave enough for the final edge. Wish me luck as I try to guess judge which sections to omit, so I can finish the shawl with just the one skein of yarn I have.

My Seita Scholar scarf is also coming along nicely. Happily, it is not as uneven as this picture would suggest. The random stripe generator came through again, and hopefully the colors will appeal to Western Students.

This scarf will be part of the knitted items offered at December's Christmas party for the students. Right now, there is a drive to gather items for student welcome packs (which are described here). The goal is to provide full welcome packs for the new students, and modified packs for returning students.

This is a great program, and I'm glad we can make our small contribution.

Here are a few pictures of the spectacular summer skies that have been inspiring my scarf rows:


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  2. All of these handcrafted items are amazingly beautiful--the photos don't begin to do them justice. Just as a photo of a sunset never really captures it, these photos give the merest suggestion of how talented and diligent my beautiful sweet wife is. (I deleted an earlier version of this comment because I'd left a word out.)