Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Days: June 29 and July 4

Jim had a recent birthday (he turned 39 for the 19th time...). We made a day trip up to Rockford, MI.

By the Rouge River

We spent a nice day, walking around town, doing some window-shopping (and some actual shopping). We stopped into the local yarn store, JT Stitchery and Frame Shop, and managed to come out almost unscathed (I bought two buttons, to enhance a hat I knitted.)

We also discovered The War Chest Boutique, associated with Women at Risk, International. This was a unique store - lots of jewelry, scarves, clothing, etc, all made by or to support women at risk. (We pulled out our credit card and did our part...)

We had lunch at The Corner Bar, where Jim has enjoyed hot dogs in years past. We enjoyed ours as well (though it is hard to imagine eating the 12 dogs required to join their Hot Dog Hall of Fame). And, on the way home, we stopped by a Grand Rapids coin store, for Jim (after perusing the yarn goods, it was only fair to give coins equal time).

Later, I made a strawberry cake (Alisha's recipe) to celebrate Jim's birthday with friends; Jim deemed it a success:

Love those Michigan strawberries!

On the Fourth, we enjoyed a pleasant breakfast, at Oshtemo Park, with our church. Pancakes and sausage and fruit - just right. We held a flag ceremony, sang a few patriotic numbers, listened to some brief remarks, and headed home for a relaxing day.

Paul's family (including Rachelle's mom, Mary), stopped by in the afternoon. They were en route to different destinations (some were meeting family at a nearby reunion; Paul & N were traveling on to a college campus visit), so we didn't have a long visit - just enough time for Mary to clobber us all at a game of Ticket to Ride!

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  1. Thanks for a fine, memorable day with you in Rockford, Michigan.