Monday, August 12, 2013

Family: M-M-Good!

It's nice to live fairly close to family. Dave & Joyce (and Jon & Laura) are a couple hours away in Chicago, and Paul & Rachelle are a couple hours away the other direction, in Plymouth. We can see them (and their offspring, when they're around) without too much stress.

In July, we took advantage of this closeness, and drove over to Chicago, timing it with Emily's visit to her parents. It was a quick visit - she and her girls had driven from Colorado, and would continue on to a family reunion in West Virginia (where my lucky sister would get to see the very newest member of our family, Sarah & Adam's new baby boy) (I'm not jealous at all).

In Chicago, we ate and talked and played games and relaxed.

Joyce, Emily, and S.



Jim, showing off his Farkle roll

Jim's roll: six of a kind!

They introduced us to Campbell's Alphabet Dice - a terrific little game. (Who doesn't love a game that allows the word "m-m-good"!).

Laura & Jon & the boys were also there, and Emily's youngest, M. We had a terrific (but short) visit.

Just this past Saturday, Jon and Laura came to Kalamazoo. The boys were delighted to see Bonnie, and she behaved really well with them. It was another laid back visit, eating and talking and playing at the park with the boys. Jon's been looking for a job, so there's a possibility that this branch of the Beers will move away. We're hoping for the best, even if it takes them away from us. :(

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  1. And here I thought there'd be talk of M&Ms... :-)