Monday, August 12, 2013

Sky Scarf and Other Knitting (The August Version)

Time for another knitting update.

First of all, here's the latest iteration of my Mostly Michigan, Mostly 2013 Sky Scarf:

6 months - halfway there!

I finished my Waves of Color Bermuda Shawl:

I had mentioned that I would have to keep an eye on my yarn, in an effort to use up as much as possible, without running out.

After washing, Before blocking

I managed to do just that - I finished with just 9 yards of yarn left.

Another perspective

I'm still working on the WMU Scarf for the Seita Scholars (it's about half finished). My Woodland Shawl is still on hold, although I came close to picking it up the other day.

But I started a cowl instead.

One of several swatches I knit for the cowl

The yarn is a limited edition skein that I bought at Stitching Memories a while back - 90% polypay wool (from Holland, MI) and 10% alpaca (from Reed City, MI). Raised, spun, and dyed in our fine state, it is a pure Michigan yarn!

I am knitting the Fresco Basket Whip Cowl. I dutifully swatched, starting with a 6 (one needle size smaller than recommended, because I am a relaxed knitter), then trying a size 7. That still was wrong, but we were traveling and I had no more needles with me. We stopped at a yarn store, Wool Gathering, near Rockford, IL (where we were visiting friends), and I was able to buy a size 8. Frankly, that swatch was also still off, but frankly, I no longer cared - it seemed close enough, and the idea of increasing needle size again was crazy.

So, I am knitting away on the cowl, and have finished several pattern repeats; it goes quickly!

My next fiber adventure is this coming Friday, at the Michigan Fiber Festival. I'll take a spindle spinning class in the morning, and then look at animals and check out the vendors in the afternoon. It should be a fun day!

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