Sunday, September 29, 2013

Photo Gallery: Walks, Beagles, Knitting

Today's blog post will mostly be photos; I seem to have a lot that I've earmarked for a post, but never shared.

This Chinese Lantern grows just outside of Frays Park, off Croyden Road, almost hidden in an assortment of weeds and wildness. I guess that once planted, they spread easily - this must have come from a nearby yard.

There are lots of bluebird boxes in the fields around Friendship Village (alas, I've never seen a resident bluebird).

Bonnie doing what she does best

Friendship Village

If I remember correctly, these were part of a butterfly garden at Friendship Village:

More Friendship Village...

Jessica and Bonnie and I visited Asylum Lake Preserve on a beautiful Saturday in mid-September. As we were leaving, we encountered a group of young men and women setting out with their very large dogs - 6 or 7 dogs - labs and pit bulls and a bull dog and a Saint Bernard - all off leash and all very interested in little Bonnie. She was nervous, but maintained her composure as we worked our way through the canine chaos. Other than that, she was one happy pup (we did meet other dogs on our walk - on leashes - and she was pleased to exchange proper greetings).

We discovered this young snapping turtle in the parking lot, as we were heading out. Another walker carried him to safer ground.

Asylum Lake

Love these open spaces

Our girl is not particularly affectionate or snuggly, but she loves our walks, and at home, she likes to hang out with us. During the work day, she is usually curled up on her bed in my office; simply watching her can lower my stress level.

Our sleeping girl

On the knitting scene, I finished my Woodland Shawl. I like how it shows off the different stitch patterns, and I love how soft and cozy the fabric turned out (kudos to Jim for the photography). Of course, I still have plenty of projects on the needles (hat, scarf, scarf, cowl).


  1. I meant to tell you Sunday how much I love the scarf--it's beautiful.