Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Knitting Followed by Beagle

Having finished my Waves of Color Bermuda Shawl, I've been putting time into some neglected projects - in particular, my Woodland Shawl, which has grown significantly:

Will improve with blocking!

At first I thought I wouldn't enjoy working with this yarn. Woodland, by Classic Elite, is 65% wool, 35% plant fiber - and the plant is nettles! But it is surprisingly soft (not cashmere soft, mind you), is a pleasant heathered color, and is knitting into a nice fabric. I enjoy the variety of patterns in the shawl, although it does require attention to keep the stitch count straight - so this is not a project that leaves home.

I just finished the seventh month of my sky scarf:

That orange-ish background is an experiment in Better Picture Taking - what do you think? Jim thought the orange brought out the blues in the scarf. I think he's right, but I also think a paler color would be less shocking.

I started a tweed scarf for Ministry with Community. It is still pretty short:

It matches the tweed hat that I finished way back in February. I think it will be good travel knitting. The pattern is super easy to remember (although I confess that I discovered an error and tinked a row before taking this photo), and it's not much to carry around, so I can easily work on it when I'm out and about.

Meanwhile, there is light at the end of my Seita Scholar / WMU scarf tunnel. The photo from this blog post still does it justice, since the only change, really, is its increased length. I think a bit of diligent focus will see it finished. I'm knitting with friends tomorrow evening, and hope to make tremendous some progress.

Since you waded through the knitting recap, your reward is a beagle photo:

It's rather out of focus, but I like the way the shadows frame our girl.

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