Friday, December 13, 2013

Beagle Walks, and Beagle Selfies

According to my favorite snowfall-tracking site, we had 3.7 inches of snow on Wednesday. Here are pictures taken during our walk that day. It wasn't too cold, but it was definitely snowing:

Frays Park

Jess, heroically navigating
the stroller (and J) through the snow

Why are we stopping???

Yesterday when we set out, the sun was shining, but it was cold - around 9 degrees, which, with the wind chill, worked out to around -9 degrees. Brrr. Bonnie and I walked to the end of the park, and then I dissuaded her from continuing into the woods. Instead, we headed for home, walking down Piccadilly Rd. I noticed that, once we were homeward bound, Bonnie was happy to move along, with no pauses to dig in the snow. I let her into the house, and went back out long enough to snap a couple photos:

Frays Park

Frays Park, by our home;
I love the shadows

Today, it was sunny and balmy: 28 degrees!

Friendship Village

 These birds (in the upper right corner) caught my eye ear with their singing:

Today we met a woman with some sort of fox hound - she described her dog as a "tall beagle," which was pretty accurate. The two dogs sniffed hello, and then we headed off in opposite directions. Bonnie immediately started behaving like a crazy dog, racing and dancing back and forth on the path. Do you suppose she was flirting?!?

I've decided that most of the pictures I take of Bonnie are, essentially, selfies. I hold the camera at her level, aim in her direction, and hope for the best. It results in an awful lot of pictures like this one:

Actually, a lot of these beagle selfies include no beagle at all, and one today seemed to be of the sky (the sky...? really...?).

But I do have a few decent photos from today:

Beagle on the move!

I even got a decent selfie of myself (the headphones not only allow me to enjoy my podcasts, but I've found they keep my ears warm):

More snow coming tonight and tomorrow!

Oh, I almost forgot - here's the Dec 9 update of my Sky Scarf - ten months down, just two to go:

That grey and white at the bottom is SNOW!

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