Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Does Bonnie Need Pajamas?

Around here, our radios are generally tuned to our local NPR station, WMUK. There are lots of good things about public radio (for instance, on the morning of Christmas Eve, we can listen to A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols).

NPR used to be touted as commercial free. This is no longer the case. There still are no commercials, per se, but there are periodic recognitions of the 'underwriters.' I suppose that at least these recognitions are less jarring than your standard commercial radio commercial.

And yet.

We regularly hear about Pajamagram, where you can order pajamas, and have them delivered right to your door.

Really? There is a need for home-delivered pajamas? As a girl who sleeps in whatever t-shirt is handy, I would say, "No thank you. No need for PJ deliveries here. Chocolate deliveries? Absolutely. Pajamas??? uh, no...?"

Do people maybe have pajama crises? unexpected guests who arrive sans pajamas? they realize their old pajamas clash with their new sheets, hence the need for an urgent delivery? the weather changes, and they realize their summer garb isn't getting them through the night???

The other day, their non-commercial revealed that you can also order pajamas for your pet.

Really??? Since when does Bonnie need pajamas???

Some things just beg to be mocked.

(Bonnie just begs to be fed.)

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