Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Not Just Legos

In May, we went with friends to the Grand Rapids Museum, to see the Lego Exhibit. I confess that the Lego display had limited appeal - it consisted of a number of famous buildings, recreated in white Legos. They were neat to look at, no doubt about it, but then what...?

Happily, there was lots more of interest at the museum. For one thing, there were Legos to build with, and the kids had a great time just playing there.

Z: Yes! Take my picture!

The Western Michigan LEGO Train Club built a model of Grand Rapids in the late 19th Century, which was very cool. It was fun to look for characters and landmarks:

This trolley traveled around the setup - very neat.

We wandered through other exhibits. The Newcomers exhibit told about the different ethnic groups (over 45!) that call Michigan home. The kids liked the habitat exhibits as well. Young J saw this owl and declared, "it's Jim!"

We came across some really large Legos, and of course had to build something with those as well:

And we had to ride the carousel:




We came upon this display as we were leaving - a piece of the Berlin Wall.

This is a picture of my young friend in his Link* outfit, which comprises this hat, the mitts he's wearing (he will, however, patiently explain that they are "gauntlets"), and also a sword and shield (which you can see in the pictures above). By the way, he is still wearing that hat, even though summer heat is upon us...

J in the persona of Link

The Grand Rapids Museum is worth a visit (or several)!

* Link, I am told, is a character in the video game Zelda:

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