Monday, July 7, 2014

Stories Cut from Paper

Balloon Houses

This has been sitting in my draft folder for ages. It is a scene from a TED talk by Beatrice Coron: Stories Cut From Paper. Coron is delightful - she tells a bit of her story, what she did before she became an artist, how she creates her cut stories - and shares some of her art. I recommend her talk. (And I would love to travel around to see her installations!)

Talking about her Balloon Houses, she says "It's all if. So what if we were living in balloon houses? It would make a very uplifting world. And we would leave a very low footprint on the planet. It would be so light."

Here are three more pieces, from her talk, that I liked. This one is in a station in the south side of Chicago:

Seeds of the Future are Planted Today

This was on the subway in New York:

All Around Town

And finally, in Paris:

Rue des Prairies

Coron closes with this idea:
. . . everybody's a narrator, because everybody has a story to tell. But more important is everybody has to make a story to make sense of the world.

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