Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Elephant, Sweater, Scarf, Hat

This past weekend, I finished knitting another "Elijah" elephant.

I bought this yarn back in August 2009, and it's been lurking in my stash, waiting for just the right project. I originally thought it would make a cute baby sweater, and considered it for several other projects, but it worked out well for this elephant. (This was the "4 Elements" color. I see on the website there is a "Neptune" color that would make a really cute elephant...)

I love all the details in this elephant. For instance, the ears are knit in the round, using short row shaping to create the 'wave' in the ear. And then, they are closed using Kitchener Stitch, so that you really can't see a seam - it just looks like more knitting. The technique is a little tricky, and I don't use it often, so I always grab one of my books for the instructions. When I reached this part of the ear, I was not at home, but no problem: I was at our local knitting store, surrounded by knitters who remembered how to do it - and one women who carries the instructions with her knitting at all times, so I was in good hands!

An interesting tidbit: the Kitchener Stitch was developed by Lord Herbert Kitchener, during World War I. His seamless graft was more comfortable for soldiers, and for sock wearers today.

I really need to knit an Elijah Elephant for myself, and experiment with washing it, so I know what to recommend when I give it to a new mother - because you know it will need washing, probably sooner rather than later! But I'm resisting the urge to start another, until I finish up my other projects.

Such as...
 The green sweater is nearly nearly finished. I added to the length, and am happy with it. I've ripped out the collar, and will bind off again, with larger needles - so maybe it will go over my head more easily. With any luck, this project will be finished today or tomorrow.

 I'm making good progress on a scarf for OFA's Red Scarf Project. The pattern is my old stand-by, the Corrugator. And I love the yarn. It's nothing fancy - Paton's Classic Wool, sort of a workhorse yarn. The color I'm working with, cognac heather, changes subtly as I knit - very nice!

Finally, the double knit hat is coming along nicely. I feel like I'm getting used to handling the two colors, and knitting faster. I don't know if I'll ever be a real fan of double knitting, but this hat will be very warm to wear, and reversible to boot.

Oh, I guess I have one more work in process,  the Forest Canopy Shawl. All I've done so far is swatch, so I know which needles to use. I'm not doing anything else on it until I finish the hat.



  1. Always impressed by your handiwork. But also by your photos of your work -- very clear and easy to "read".