Saturday, March 26, 2011

Knitted FO's, Beagles, Flowers

Yesterday, Bonnie and I were enjoying a walk, and she let me snap a picture. I'm not sure why she was licking her chops...

Today's walk was cold but sunny - and look what we found (in a yard on Devonshire)!

The double knit hat is finally finished. It reverses nicely, and, with the double thickness (and four layers where it rolls up over the ears), it is warm and toasty. The finishing was fiddly - I was using two circs, but had the wrong sizes with me. I was breaking in new trifocals, with lenses that didn't sync. And I was puzzling over how to separate the inner and outer hats, to finish the top of each. Happily, I finally succeeded. I like how this hat turned out, but I don't expect to knit another any time soon...

As soon as I finished the hat, I started the shawl project that has been waiting in the wings. This little bit is the set-up that will grow into a triangular shawl. So much more relaxing than that hat!!!

One more finished object - yesterday, I finished a scarf for OFA's Red Scarf Project. (Wrapping it around Jim's owl, of course, imbues it with wisdom...!)


  1. I love the scarf on the owl, haha. Wonderful touch.

  2. The owl is such a willing model...

  3. How much wiser it would be if you wrapped it around Jim!