Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flowers and Friends

Yesterday, it finally started to warm up, and Bonnie & I shared our lunchtime walk with friends.

 I'm told this guy has moments when he is not smiling, but I've seen few of them. Mostly he's happy as can be. Sometimes I think he looks like his big sister, but this picture makes me think immediately of his big brother.
 Here is the aforementioned big brother, sans shoes (it really wasn't that warm!), doing things the unorthodox way (as usual).
... And the aforementioned big sister - equally shoeless, equally unorthodox, and equally happy.
My favorite beagle, smiling after a nice long walk. (Note: those are not her boots!)
Today, Bonnie and I walked in the Friendship Village woods, looking for signs of spring. I love the way the new flowers grow up wherever they are, even if it means sprouting through the middle of an old leaf!

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