Thursday, April 7, 2011


Because I so seldom exercise any sort of self-restraint, I want to point out some recent successes.

Taxes. I have started preparing our tax return. I know, this would be more impressive if taxes were not due in something like 10 days or so, but still... In an effort to make sure I had all the requisite paperwork, I have sorted the vast pile of paper that had accumulated on the floor next to the filing cabinet (not in the filing cabinet, which would certainly have been a more sensible place to accumulate papers). I have also cleared the papers from my desk (a feat that hasn't been accomplished in months). I have done this at the expense of hours of pleasurable knitting. Do I deserve chocolate?

Books. While sorting through this morass of paper, I found a newspaper clipping (from last summer) about a book that had looked interesting (Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping, by Judith Levine). I immediately logged on to our library's website to request it. Then I paused... I am currently reading a book (To the Rescue: The Biography of Thomas S. Monson, by Heidi S. Swinton), and have two other library books waiting somewhere in my office (Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother: Stories of the lost daughters of China, by Xinran & Design It, Knit It: Babies by Debbie Bliss). Why do I feel compelled to immediately borrow yet another book that I won't have time to read? So I went to Goodreads and added it there, instead, so I'll remember it. Then I threw away the newspaper clipping. Does not this behavior merit chocolate?

Catalogs. Yesterday, we got a catalog in the mail. I flipped through it, and saw a new CD compilation of songs about women, by women (Women of Hope). They compared it favorably to an earlier compilation, Women of Destiny, and of course, their being the seller of the CD didn't affect their objectivity at all (!). I considered it. I liked that first CD, and listen to it occasionally; I didn't really like the second that followed it (cleverly named Women of Destiny, Volume 2). I gave serious thought to ordering this new one. Then I threw the catalog away, quickly. And gave serious thought to rewarding myself with chocolate.

Mitered Crosses Blanket. I follow the Mason-Dixon Knitting blog. Shortly after the earthquake & tsunami hit Japan, Kay published a pattern for a mitered crosses blanket (see this blog entry). All proceeds for this $5 pattern will go to Mercy Corps. In 2011, these donations will be designated for Japan earthquake/tsunami relief, and thereafter to support Mercy Corps’ relief work. Impressive note: As of April 6, they've sent $9000 to Mercy Corp for Japan relief.

Ann (the other half of the Mason-Dixon knitters) offered to give away a package of yarn to some lucky winner; she'll be drawing a name from the pool of knitters who've started their blankets. I read this, and immediately logged on to my Ravelry account, considered my yarn stash, and came up with several possibilities that would allow me to start knitting & qualify for the drawing (I'd still need to buy more yarn, in order to actually finish the blanket). Then I took a moment to think. Don't I already have several projects on the needles? Don't I already have a list of future projects, and yarn on hand for them? Can't this gorgeous blanket just take its turn in the queue?  Besides... if I plan a little, decide on the yarn and colors I really want to use, and drop a few hints to the right husband (that would be Jim), I might have some help in acquiring the perfect, "just right" yarn, instead of settling for repurposed yarn.

Chocolate. Wait - I'm supposed to use restraint when eating chocolate?!?  Okay, no progress whatsoever in this category...

Bonnie & I show little or no restraint when it comes to sharing pics from our noon-time walks. In fact, I think Bonnie is finally getting used to the camera: Today, when I took a picture, Bonnie actually stepped forward to sniff the camera, instead of running away!

First, more signs of spring:

Spring skies
Spring buds (Cornelian Cherries?)
More spring buds
And some signs of Bonnie!

 Bonnie checks out this tree everytime we see it. There is never anything (or anyone) inside - although it could easily hide a small critter. (I think Bonnie could actually fit in there.)
What's that?!?
On the scent of something...


  1. This post is funny and really reminds me of you.

  2. Thanks Jon - sometimes I try for 'funny' and actually succeed - usually when I'm laughing at myself. :)

  3. You always merit chocolate!!