Monday, April 18, 2011

Walking in the Snow

Spring time in Michigan not only means walking in the rain; it occasionally means walking in the snow! Such was the case today. We awoke to snow, and enjoyed picture-perfect snowfall during the morning. By noon, the snowfall had stopped, and by afternoon, the snow had melted.

Below are some pictures of the short-lived snowfall (and hopefully the last snowfall of the season).

Oh, I almost forgot: Last week, Bonnie & I noticed there was a cow in the woods north of the park. When it was still hanging around after a couple days, we managed to rescue it and bring it home. (Just what we need!)

Here are a couple pictures taken first thing this morning:

Our house

View from the breezeway

I took these photos during our lunch time walk (Bonnie has learned to be fairly patient while I take photos...)

A bit blurry, sorry about that - they were shivering!

And here's a photo of our new cow!


  1. HAH! I was really worried about that cow story... 8-)

    And I'm glad we're not in Michigan this week.

  2. I'm glad you got a laugh out of the cow story. I'm also glad you're not in Michigan this week - Annie needs you with her! Give her a hug for me.