Saturday, April 16, 2011

Walking in the Rain

No, the title doesn't refer to a popular song. It refers to my life in spring time, when walking the dog frequently leads to walking the dog in the rain. Such was the case today. We're watching Tonks again, and I wasn't sure how she'd feel about the rain (I know Bonnie pretty much wouldn't care, as long as we didn't need an ark).

But the weather map showed a huge circle of rain, with us smack in the middle, and no indication it would be letting up any time soon. So off we went, into the wet.

Tonks, it turns out, did just fine; she delights in good smells every bit as much as Bonnie does, and pretty much ignored the rain. We all enjoyed our walk (admittedly shorter than usual), got totally drenched, and are glad to be inside, snoozing and drying off (obviously, I'm not snoozing, but both dogs are!)

"Please Mom, don't take my picture."
"Yes! Yes! Yes! Take my picture!!!"

Tonks tries to dry off by racing and rolling, while Bonnie pretends she doesn't know that other crazy dog.

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