Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lambs and Lions and General Conference

Jim reminded me of that old predictor of March weather: In like a lamb, out like a lion. Given the lamb-like weather we've seen so far, we could be in deep trouble when the month-end rolls around.

Here are a handful of photos, which I took Monday - when it was still winter, by the way - and when Bonnie and I walked before work, knowing it would be too hot for beagles by lunchtime - already! We should not have to change our walking schedule for at least another month. (Today's high was 89 degrees; the average for this day is a much more reasonable 56.)

Morning fog

Morning sunlight

Morning daffodil

I love daffodils and spring flowers and tree blossoms as much as anyone. But people: This is crazy weather. We should not be expressing gratitude for this warm weather (well, I suppose gratitude is always appropriate). We should be praying that the blossoms on the fruit trees will not mature so quickly, in this unseasonably warm weather, that they can't survive the frost that We.All.Know.Will.Come...

This is Michigan, people!

On another note: Even if the month ends with the roar of a lion, I'm looking forward to General Conference. Our church holds this conference twice a year - in the spring and in the fall. It's a wonderful opportunity to hear what our leaders - prophets and apostles - have to say, and to listen for that inspiration that is meant just for me. I love being able to watch on our TV at home (technology is wonderful), with knitting to help me stay focused, and Bonnie to keep us company.

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