Friday, March 23, 2012

(Not Quite) Five Things for Friday

Each Friday, Heather shares her Five Things for Friday. Apparently my limit today is four....!

- 1 -

Jim went to Philadelphia last week, to the Public Library Association's annual conference. He brought back this delightful t-shirt:

We love to read, and we love our library. Our community loves it as well, and shows that by regularly supporting the millage that funds its budget. Some folks believe there is no longer a need for libraries. We disagree - libraries provide books, yes, but also serve as a gathering spot for the community, and provide many other services as well. Our library invites musicians to perform; holds story times for toddlers; hosts a teen filmmakers festival; invites authors to speaker; provides computer access (yes, not everyone has computer access in their home); and offers a beautiful place to sit and relax. And that list is just what came to my mind while I'm sitting here typing; the KPL offers much more.

My friend wrote a rant a blog post on the subject: What Makes Me Mad? Dumb Letters to the Editor.

- 2 -

The library in Shutesbury Massachusetts needs a new library building. Their current home was built 110 years ago, and has some limitations. This delightful video outlines their challenges, and invites you to contribute to their fundraising effort.

- 3 -

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important” (Kathryn Stockett, The Help).

Good book. Good movie. And Aibileen's message for Mae Mobley is good for all of us.

- 4 -

"We'll be Happy When the Ice Worms Nest Again."

That is the title of a song from the Yukon, popular during the gold rush era. But doesn't it conjure up some amazing images???

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  1. Oh i havEnt seen the help yet but i have heard it is good, i loved the book. And yeah for libraries, my life would be sad without them. I think we go almost twice a week!