Friday, March 16, 2012

A Milestone

I posted a while back about the shawl I was knitting. And then I wrote about having to rip it all out and start over. Now I've reached a milestone. When you frog a project, you have to do something with all that yarn - wrap it around the larger skein, make a small ball of yarn that dangles off your larger ball, something. It's annoying to work with, but you don't have much choice. And then, one day, you find that you've knit enough that this odd appendage is GONE. And that happened! I'm finally back to knitting with the main ball, that sits happily in my yarn bowl.

So now I'm happy too. :)

And here is a photo of the shawl so far.

Now that I'm following the pattern properly, it's behaving much better. I've almost finished the first wedge, and it does indeed have a pie shape. Hurrah!

I've nearly finished one of my mystery mittens - but I confess that the shawl has been getting more attention. (Our strangely warm weather isn't very motivating, either!)

And here's a quick Bonnie tale. I picked up a couple skeins of Kauni at our LYS, thinking it will make a nice scarf:

I'm planning to alternate the yarns, along the lines of Jared Flood's Noro Striped Scarf. I've no idea when I'll actually start this project, and for now the yarn is just hanging around my office. But the other day, I walked in the room, and one skein was sitting on the floor beside the basket.

Do you think it jumped out, making a break for freedom?

Me neither.

I don't know what's gotten into that beagle of ours!

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  1. I love the visual of your yarn leaping out of the basket. It made me smile.

    Bonnie is innocent. Of this I am sure. :)