Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Things for Friday, Including a Jaguar and a Beagle

Here's another of my Five-Things-for-Friday posts; this one is fairly light on content, but heavy on pictures (which are a more valued currency anyway, right?) Be sure to check out Heather's Five-for-Friday lists at her blog.

- 1 -

I saw a car very much like this one, on Wednesday, parked at the grocery store. Oh my, it was gorgeous, a Jaguar XJ8L (based on photos I found, probably around a 2000 model). If I had money to burn, I might be tempted to throw some of it at a beauty like this.

Love at first sight

- 2 -

A while ago, one of our guild members knit a most adorable hat, and now I've followed suit:

The cow, the moon, and a cool braid

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon

This is the Mother Goose Hat, designed by Lisa McFetridge. I love the Fair Isle design, the tassels, the cow, the braid - it is delightful! It seems a bit large for a baby,  but babies do grow, so it will fit eventually!

- 3 -

I made spaghetti sauce - enough for just one meal for Jim and me - from our CSA tomatoes:

It turned out pretty well, and wasn't too difficult (even for me!). I used these instructions.

Now I have visions of buying tomatoes in quantity and canning spaghetti sauce. I think I'll lie down till the vision passes.

- 4 -

Ah, the election. One might assume I would be a Romney fan (owing to that Mormon thing), but not so. I think there's a lot of good to Mitt Romney, but I supported Obama four years ago, and I expect I'll do so again. I'm no good at articulating my political opinions, and instead tend to be fairly low-key and quiet in these matters. I will simply say this: The more I watch and the more I hear, the more I continue to feel a kinship with the Obama and the Democratic party and its ideals.

Did you happen to see Michelle Obama's convention speech? It was one of my favorites from the two conventions.

- 5 -

And how about a sweet beagle face, thrown in for free?


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  1. Cool list. And cool speech. (I heard almost none of them from either convention this year...) Thanks for sharing it.