Saturday, September 22, 2012

Here's Fall!

A fine first day of fall.

Took our turn at cleaning the chapel. Volunteered at the blood drive at church. Did some laundry.  Marvelled at the rain.

Late in the day, the rain stopped, and Bonnie and I went for a walk.

The crisp weather, clean air, spectacular clouds - it was grand.

No fall colors yet - but definitely Fall.

I love Michigan's seasons - all of them - but I confess to a partiality for fall. 

Bonnie likes Walk Season

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  1. Yesterday, I was trying to find a poem to match my mood - to no avail.

    But today I found this Haiku, by Abigail M. Parker, at this site:

    Dawn floods the city
    Painting rowhomes with pastels
    Paving streets with gold.

    Not the right time of day, but the right description of light...!