Thursday, September 13, 2012

Saturday at the KIA

Last Saturday, I went to the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, to see the Elliott Erwitt exhibit Dog Dogs. Erwitt is a commercial photographer. Over his career, he took enough dog photos to compile this exhibit, which really is quite enjoyable. It will be here in Kalamazoo until September 23, so stop by if you're a dog person (I firmly believe all people would benefit by becoming dog people...).

This was my favorite photo in the exhibit. I love the juxtaposition of one dog's large feet and the other dog's entire small self. (The Magnum Photos site names the three participants in the photo: Felix, Gladys, and Rover. That little guy is Rover?)

Elliott Erwitt

After looking at the Erwitt exhibit, I admired a few other works that I happened upon. This horse reminded me of a similar sculpture that I like at Meijer Gardens. Sure enough, the two are by the same artist, Deborah Butterfield.

Deborah Butterfield

Another piece that charmed me was this small bronze, Mother Playing, by Chaim Gross. (Apparently he has more than one piece with that name; in case it matters to you, this one was dated 1957.)

Chaim Gross

The KIA is also hosting the exhibit Expressions: International Glass Invitational (through Nov 4). I quickly walked through part of that exhibit, on my way out, and was impressed with what I saw; I'll have to make a return visit before this show closes.

Two pieces caught my eye. One was Telling Stories, by Emily Brock. She has created a domestic scene (complete with cat), focused on reading and thinking, which itself springs from the pages of a book.

Emily Brock

The other was a stunningly beautiful piece by Richard Jolley, Cobalt Dove. 

Richard Jolley

 When I got home, I found that Bonnie had created her own artwork: Beagle with Laundry. I'd left clothes on the bed, to be folded later. Bonnie scattered them everywhere (some she threw clear across the bed and onto the floor), and then, clearly exhausted by her endeavor, she fell asleep in the middle of it all.

Bonnie's Performance Art

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  1. The Cobalt Dove is impressive. (As is Bonnie, but that goes without saying...)