Saturday, February 16, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside

What's a good thing to do on a snowy Saturday? How about this:

Bonnie was snoozing when I left this morning.
She hadn't stirred when I returned two hours later.
Lots of action rest!

Today we've seen typical Michigan weather - big beautiful floating snowflakes, then sunshine, then fast and furious pellets of snow, then blue sky - weather along the lines of "wait 5 minutes, it'll change."

When Bonnie & I headed out for a walk, the sun was shining, so I was optimistic - even after checking the weather and noting the 19 degree temperature (6 degrees, with the wind chill).

Silly me. Sunshine or no, 19 degrees is Just Plain Cold. Brrr. I was so glad to have a new pair of BaaBaaZuZu mittens (I still plan to repair my old pair, but meanwhile....). (I bought my new pair here, after Jess alerted me to their $18 sale - such a deal!)

No new photos, but here are some from a week ago, that could just as easily have been taken today:

Maybe this time I'll find it...

Bonnie doesn't seem to care about all that snow on her snout, but just looking at it makes me cold.

On another note, here's my Sky Scarf after the first week.

I've now incorporated all five colors (dark grey, light grey, white, blue, and blue). Yes, the blue balls are pretty small - they are from my swatches, rewound for knitting the scarf proper. (Plus, of course, I had to divide the blue, whereas the other yarns are entire skeins.) Today I wove in the ends, so it won't be quite as confusing to work with. I promise I'll try to keep future updates to a minimum (maybe monthly).  A year of this, taken to excess, could drive away my handful of readers, and I don't want that!


  1. Bonnie is lovely when she sleeps. And though I know almost nothing about knitting I enjoy the pictures and explanations of new methods you try. I am looking forward to seeing you and Jim in a few weeks

    1. Thanks, Laura. I think that a sleeping dog is a very calming visual - I love to watch Bonnie sleep.

      And we are looking forward to seeing you and the boys!