Sunday, February 3, 2013

Progress on the Scarf That You Could Win, and Resisting Giraffes

Jess and I drove to her mom (Denise's) place yesterday. Jess, Denise, Rose & I spent the day knitting (lots) and eating (lots) and watching cooking shows (lots) and talking (lots). It was Good!

I made some progress on my GOTR Kal-Haven Trail scarf. Here's a picture I took when I got home last night. (I took this with our scanner, and the color is a bit weird, but you can get the idea):

It's now 25% complete

You still have a chance at winning this scarf for yourself. To win, donate to Jess or her daughter's Girls on the Run site; you'll get an entry for each $5 you donate. See this blog entry for more details; here are the links for donating online:

Jessica's donation page
Jessica's daughter's donation page

I finally finished my mittens; I worked on these for almost a year. Of course, there were long stretches of time when they were just sitting on the sidelines (not much need, or motivation, for mittens in July).

These are unusual - the pattern called for two different colors of yarn, and I managed to get my two colors from the same dye lot. My two skeins were dyed together, yet came out as two quite different colors - very odd, but worked well for these mittens! (And yes, I deliberately reversed the colors on the two mittens.)

This is a hat that I will donate to Ministry with Community. I used the Christian's Hat pattern, which is a terrific knit - it's easy to memorize, and the finished hat is stretchy and comfy. There is a matching scarf, which I'll start at some point - but I have a few WIPs to wrap up first.

So what's left on the needles? Plenty, it turns out. Of course, there's the GOTR Kal-Haven Trail scarf. (See above, if you already forgotten about this one; you still have a chance to win it!)

I'm also working on a very cool hat, with a stockinette stitch band that is two layers thick, and that has a picot edge. The top is also stockinette, but kind of slouchy. I don't have a current picture, but it's working up very nicely. Here's the yarn, Yarn Hollow Twisted, squishy soft, lovely to knit with.

I've started a baby blanket, using the Garter Rib Baby Blanket pattern and Lamb's Pride Superwash Sport yarn. I've done some swatching, and think this will work out well, but I'm not far enough into it to know for sure if I'm going to be happy with it (working with the sport weight yarn is a bit different...). For now, all you get is another yarn picture; imagine it as a sweet little blanket:

I'm working on another Lilly blanket. This one is an entrelac blanket, with different colors. This isn't a recent photo, so there are actually several more tiers of colors, but you get the idea:

Yesterday Rose was working on a baby blanket, using the Jack's Giraffe pattern. Here's a picture from a finished project, on Ravelry.

Ravelry's dudeybave knit this blanket

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? Rose was knitting hers with Plymouth Select Worsted Merino Superwash Solids, and it was squeezably soft (like Charmin?). I took a look at the colors available and think that yellow would be perfect. I think if we'd gone to a yarn store on Saturday, I would have bought yarn for this blanket, and started knitting it immediately. Now that I'm safe at home, I'm focusing on the garter rib blanket, and doing my best to Resist the Giraffes.


  1. Aunt Robin---you are so talented! I finished my knitting class last Tuesday and cast on for my scarf. Is that the correct terminology. I haven't gotten far because I had to prepare a RS lesson for yesterday and I've got one more deadline I'm trying to complete by tonight. I hope to make more progress and once I get further post a picture for you.

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm excited to see your scarf - I do hope you enjoy knitting it. You'll have to tell me about the yarn etc. And yes, you've got the terminology correct!

  2. I'm with Sarah, Robin--you're very talented. And, ahem, enter me in the drawing to win :)

    1. Thank you, Charlotte, you're very kind. :)
      And thanks for donating to GOTR!

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    1. Oh, Unknown - I saw your comment in my email, and thought it so kind, and wondered who you are. And now you are gone. :(