Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beagle, Snow, and Beagle in Snow

On Saturday, when Jess and I left Kalamazoo, snow was coming down. It was quiet, the roads were snow covered, and the trees along the highway were really quite lovely. I kept wishing I could take a picture of the trees and the snow, but I did not (taking pictures while driving didn't seem very responsible) (besides, the camera was in the back seat) (besides, it'd be hard to get a decent shot from a moving car).

So, no photos. But I kept thinking of a scene from Chris Van Allsburg's book, The Polar Express. When I got home that night, I found my book and the picture I'd been remembering. Indeed, it looked sort of like the scenes along our drive -  except, of course, that we didn't see any no wolves. And there was more falling snow on our drive. And there was no train.

Scene from The Polar Express

Okay, so there's very little resemblance, except that there were trees. So here are a handful of snow scenes I did take pictures of.

Last Friday, in the park

On our walk Sunday

What's under that snow???

Those were typical Michigan grey days. Yesterday was a day of Michigan sun and blue sky (okay, not as typical, but it does happen.)

Our House

On Our Walk

I know - nearly identical to Sunday's photo.
This is what Bonnie does on walks in the snow.

Tonight it's snowing again. I let Bonnie outside just before settling down for the night, and was surprised at how bright it is, with our street light reflected in the falling snow.

While it doesn't capture the falling flakes, or the light they reflect, this does suggest the peace and quiet of the snowy night:

Here (in a bonus photo, totally unrelated to snow, but full of beagleness) is a shot of Bonnie sleeping. Her head is resting on a stack of knitting patterns and notes. Perhaps she is hoping to learn to knit herself a sweater - though this will be hard, having no opposable thumbs.

Sleep on, sweet girl!

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  1. Perhaps she is dreaming about how to un-knit something you are putting together with your opposable thumbs...