Thursday, May 19, 2011

Road Trip: Back Home for a Day

In deference to Jim's comment, I'll add two more pictures, from the Columbus phase of our trip

The State Capitol was built in the Greek revival style. Construction started in 1839, but wasn't completed until 1861. There was an eight-year lapse in construction, and the completed basement and foundations were filled in with soil, and Capitol Square was used as a pasture!

The Peace Statue was intended to honor those who served in the Civil War.
We spent Mother's Day in Kalamazoo. We attended church as usual, except that the meetings weren't at all typical. The previous Sunday, we'd had a special meeting at which the boundaries were changed, and our three Kalamazoo wards (congregations) became two. Our bishopric was unchanged, but many other positions were left vacant, as members moved to the other ward. So this Sunday, with positions still in flux, we only had Sacrament meeting.

This was also the day of the first Kalamazoo Marathon. I took advantage of the shorter church schedule, and as soon as Sacrament meeting ended, I slipped away to try and watch some of the runners. Thanks to Kevin's help, I was able to get to the Winchell neighborhood in time to see Jess. There were 1199 marathon finishers; Jess & Rachel (pictures below) were two of them!

Jess, in the Winchell neighborhood

Jess & her fan club

Other friends of ours ran the marathon as a family; you can read about them at their Facebook page, Mills Family Marathon. Rachel ran the entire marathon; the kids took turns running with her; and Abe choreographed it all.

Rachel and her fan club!
After the Marathon, we put flowers on our mothers' graves (Jim is very good about this), and then relaxed with our friends. Day 4 of our vacation: Excellent! On to Chicago...!

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