Friday, May 13, 2011

The Squirrel Episode

This is not a squirrel.
This is Bonnie, during our walk today.
While we were on our recent roadtrip, our friends checked in on Bonnie. One afternoon, they took her home with them, so she could play while they worked in their back yard.

She was delighted: their yard has lots of rabbits, and she had a fine time looking for them. She was a successful hunter, and actually caught a rabbit - not bad for our 10-year-old girl. (And, our friends didn't mind the loss of one garden-attacking rabbit.)

She has previously caught rabbits, and at least one bird. Today, she added a squirrel to her life list. We didn't see the action; Jim discovered Bonnie with the squirrel in tow, shaking and throwing the poor thing. He "persuaded" her to drop it, and saw the squirrel limp around the corner of the garage, while he scooped up Bonnie and brought her into the house.

After a bit, I checked the back yard: no sign of the unfortunate squirrel. Jim did the same, still with no squirrel sighting, so we let Bonnie out again. She quickly ran along the perimeter of the yarn, ending up at the woodpile. I let her sniff a bit, then dragged her back into the house.

Did we then have a typical work day, with Bonnie sleeping on her cushion while I worked?


She sat on the pillow, staring at the office doorway. She lay there, sphinx-like, staring at the door. She paced, whining, staring at the door. She crawled around my chair, under the desk, pawing at me.

And whenever I did let her out, straight to the woodpile she flew. She sniffed, she pulled at logs, she dug underneath, until I again dragged her back to the house.

Even after our noonday walk, when we returned home, she with her tongue dragging, what did she want? A nice drink of water?

Nope - she headed to the woodpile.

Finally, after work, she and I went out back, and dismantled the woodpile. I moved logs, while she stood behind the pile, trying to rearrange them with her teeth. Suddenly, there she was again, happily holding her squirrel. I persuaded her to drop him (again), and finally dealt with Mr Squirrel once and for all, finding a final resting spot for him, beyond her reach.

Life is back to normal this evening. Bonnie has begged for our dinner, tried to steal a piece of pizza, and is now snoring and talking in her sleep - no doubt catching that squirrel again!

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