Sunday, May 15, 2011

Squirrels: The Sequel

As Jim was leaving to go to church this morning, he stopped to call Bonnie to the gate, and I waited at the door to let her in (we have this tricky setup where she goes through the gate onto the breezeway / porch, and then across that to the kitchen door - it offers prime beagle-escape opportunities, so although she is very good 98% of the time, we tend to be cautious).

She came bounding to the gate, looking excited, happy, proud - and dangling another squirrel from her mouth. We were astonished. Another squirrel? What are those guys doing, playing "chicken" with her?

We grabbed her by the collar, and tried to persuade her to drop it. We discovered that her jaws are every bit as strong as Homer's were, and she is every bit as persistent. I thought about having Jim grab a camera - she looked so happy - but instead suggested he grab some of the sausage slices we had cooked up in anticipation of lunch. She had to think about it for awhile, but finally set down the squirrel, and of course we dragged her away before rewarding her with the sausage, and then picked her up and carried her inside.

Jim took off for church (finally), and I took care of the squirrel (again).

When I came home from church later (I was gone roughly from 9 to noon - poor Jim goes earlier and stays later), Bonnie was not snoozing on the bed, as is her wont. She was waiting by the door, and immediately started dancing on her hind feet, eager to go look for her squirrel. Such amazing focus...!

Anyone have a squirrel problem they need help with?

Bonnie demonstrates her tracking technique
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  1. Bonnie probably wishes Trader Joes sold Squirrel Jellies....