Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Road Trip: More Family

Last week, Freys Park was full of dandelions gone to seed, their white heads swaying in the breeze. Walking Bonnie one day, I saw three tiny children, carefully gathering bouquets of the spent flowers, and thought, what is as innocent as children among the flowers?

I love to watch children at church, too. One little guy in our congregation is clearly loved by his parents & siblings. It shows in his attitude toward the folks in the pews in front of him, and behind him - he assumes they must love him too, and rewards that presumed love with the most wonderful smile. It makes me smile just to watch, and I am happy to see children to start out with faith in the world's goodness.

Another child snuggles on his father's shoulder, safe and happy. I heard once that our view of Heavenly Father is informed by our view of our earthly fathers, and I am happy that these children have a good start there, too.

Children also make me laugh outright. I overhead this exchange one Sunday, after a little girl had removed her shoes.
Dad: Where are you allowed to be barefoot?
Daughter: At home...
Dad: Are you at home now?
Daughter: No...
Dad: Then what do you need to do?
Daughter: (after thinking) Go home?
After a day to recover from our trip to Morgantown & Columbus, Jim & I hit the road one more time (and now those blog posts are out of order. Why is that? Oh well, I will let it go. Just know that we really did visit Morgantown before we visited Columbus.).

Sarah & Jon were both visiting their parents in Chicago, so we headed that way, and enjoyed a visit with Joyce, Sarah & her little guy, and Jon & Laura & their little guy (who has grown quite a bit since we last saw him).

A week after that, Paul & Rachelle & some nieces & nephews came to visit us in Kalamazoo. Andy & Annie both happened to be in town, and we were delighted to be able to see them, along with the Plymouth crowd. They suffered through a well-intentioned meal that didn't really turn out as well as expected, and then hung out talking about knitted elephants and reluctant dragons and similarly significant topics.

We took photos during both visits. I'm afraid that very few of them turned out to be any good, but at least you can identify and recognize different family members.

(Someone told me recently that I take good photos, and I replied that I take lots and lots of photos, and then share the 2 or 3 that are good. Apparently on these two occasions, we didn't take nearly enough photos!)

Joyce was very relaxed - no doubt due in large part to having graduated
with her Masters degree that Saturday - congratulations!!!

Jon & Laura will soon head to Nevada, where Jon will spend the summer working for a federal magistrate, and Laura & the little guy will spend the summer relaxing in the pool. Which activity sounds more fun?

And here's their little guy - this is the best shot I have of him, and it doesn't 
begin to show how cute and sweet and curious and loving he is.

Sarah looked great - being a mother must agree with her. Adam was stuck back at home, working, so we didn't get to see him. (Work. It so often interferes with life.) Even without Adam's help, Sarah sang the barnyard dance song for us! (Did Joyce help in that venture? I can't remember...)

Sarah & Adam's happy little guy...

Jim & the young Mr Clemens

Robin & the little guy. 
Of course, the best picture, with young J laughing hysterically, is blurry. 
This is akin to the fisherman's story of "the one that got away."

Rachelle is not blurry at all.

Paul has a blog that I enjoy reading - much more eloquent and thoughtful than mine! - you might enjoy it, too:
(Someday, I'll update my site so it lists at least some of the blogs
I read - but probably not tonight.)

I have, in the past, taken spectacular photos of Andy.
This is not one of those photos.
(But we like Andy, whatever he looks like.)

Annie recently graduated from BYU, and left for her new job the day after their visit here. I enjoy reading Annie's blog as well, and this post tells about her wonderful new job: 

Young Mr N - whose voice sounds remarkably like his brother Andy's voice...

And, finally, Miss A, who did some dishcloth knitting while here, and shows potential as a future Master Knitter.

And now I hear a timer going off, meaning that the last batch of cookies can come out of the oven, and I can start cleaning up the kitchen (although I'd rather just start eating cookies!)

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