Monday, May 27, 2013

A Few Good Dogs

Seems like I haven't shared any Bonnie photos lately. Here is one from early May:

I took this on one of our walks, by Kinnearing her (a word coined by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee). I just held my camera at general Bonnie height, and took pictures, hoping for the best. This one isn't too bad (I took quite a few).

Alas, poor Bonnie has been walk-less for a while. On the 9th, she was behaving oddly in the morning. Instead of her usual waking-up routine of stretching one way and then the other, she stretched one way and then lay down. She seemed fine at lunch, so we walked through the Friendship Village woods, but when we got back to Frey's Park, she held up one paw and refused to walk any further; in the end, I carried her home.

I was able to take her to the vet later that afternoon. Dr Marion determined that the problem was not in her paw, but in her neck and back. She got a shot of Azium, and a bottle of pills to take home. She's been on rest since then, which means no walks at all, and we try to limit her wild leaping on and off furniture. (Her wildest leaping is between the couch and the easy chair...). She has been slowly improving, and we've taken a couple very short walks, around the south end of the park. Today she's been sleeping all day, so I'm thinking we'll forgo even a short walk. Plus, it's rainy and cold, which probably wouldn't help her back; better she should continue napping...

I have a few other dog pictures to share. This fellow was waiting in the parking lot at Pet Supplies Plus:

He looks quite capable of driving that car

Paul and Rachelle were taking care of Gary and Tanya's dog, Owen. Isn't he a sweetheart? His coat is beautiful; I'd never seen a Corgi with that blue color:

And here is their sweet Molly, wishing someone would play tug-of-war with her:

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  1. What a wonderful picture of Molly! So ready to spring into action. (She's very sad that Owen has gone home...)